He writes everything on these.
They cost two bucks each.
What a ridiculous extravagance!
Get lost, he told me.
I invented word processing.


He once lived in a monastery in Sri Lanka.
The food was excellent, he noted.
He could sit stock-still for three hours
in a posture of meditation.
Yeah, but nothing happened.

The residuals sent his kids to college.
I asked him what it was like working in Hollywood?
He didn't miss a beat:
A tough but honest buck.

bird on a wire

My favorite place
in the the whole wide world
is Kuta Beach in Bali.

I don’t have the heart to tell him:
Things have changed since 1970.

kuta beach

What the hell is that?


It’s better than nothing.

silver saxaphone

His silver horn is even older than him.
It’s played All of Me about a million times.

Isn’t that Livia Augusta?
Absolutely not. And I should know.

the mill river

He owned a restaurant beside the Mill River.
White table cloths and smoked duck.
I suggested less arduous ways
to lose money.

These are his knives.
He collects things.


This is his portrait by Leonard Cohen.
A reasonable facsimile.

leonard cohen's portrait

He told me Pinkerton talked to him at 3 a.m.
and he wrote down every word.
Then they fucked the whole thing up.

alan pinkerton

Like others before him and many since,
he went to Harvard aspiring to fame.
But he majored in Sanskrit.
Man, what were you thinking?

john harvard

You know how many times I’ve asked,
“What's in it?”
Secret ingredients.
He thinks that’s funny.


And this is Jennifer.

Some of his Japanese maples.
I told you, he collects things.

japanese maples
kiss the sky

What’s it about?

An unlikely adventure story.

Who’s that?
The Old Man. He told me to study hard
because he didn’t have long to live.

But that was thirty-five years ago.
And he’s still alive!

I know. He’s such a liar.