Pinkerton's Secret: The Original Manuscript

Pinkerton’s Secret:
The Original Manuscript

He calls the novel published in 2008:
A grotesque prosaic mash-up
of this Original Manuscript.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.
Didn’t he steal the real Pinkerton’s life story?
The famous detective, the Civil War spy,
even the femme fatale?

That’s why they call it ‘fiction.’ Idiot.

So what’s this “Original Manuscript” about?

A man trying to make some sense of his life.

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Get this. He claims his Literary Novel
was kidnapped by Hollywood Agents in 1993.

They ransomed it with effusive praise.

Then a studio hired him to write the screenplay.

Reducto ad absurdem.

Unfortunately, the movie never got made.

And the novel never got published.

That’s crazy! How can anyone believe him?
After all, Fiction’s his game.